DIY Organic Sugar Coffee Face Scrub

January 7, 2015

My skin really suffers in the winter. It gets dry, flaky and oh so pale — not a great look.

I have been making my own body lotion at home for some time now, but I had never tried making scrubs before, as I generally avoid using anything abrasive on my fairly sensitive skin.

Homemade sugar coffee facial scrub

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Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Smoothie

December 30, 2014

Coffee has always been my weakness. I love its aroma, its bitterness and bold flavors. Truth be told, I never start my morning without a steaming cup o’Joe. 

I know that many of you will disapprove but hey, no one is perfect! Plus, I believe that coffee has some health benefits when consumed in moderation ♥

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Crispy Peanut Butter Coconut Protein Bites

December 23, 2014

I have a little something sweet and tasty for you today. Consider it my holiday gift to you ♥ 

I promise you, these yummy protein bites will totally change the way you feel about healthy snacks. They will also add some much-needed nutrition to your diet when your body needs it most.

Peanutbutter chcolate nibs protein bites

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Raw Cashew Nut Egg{less}nog

December 17, 2014

Many will agree that there is nothing better than a glass of sweet and spicy eggnog on a chilly, white Christmas morning ♥

I know everyone loves sipping on this delicious, creamy drink this time of year, but oh does this holiday splurge come with a whole lot of unwanted calories!

Cinnamon cloves banana eggnog

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Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

December 3, 2014

We have now officially entered into cookie season and with that, there are many delightful and scrumptious-looking recipes floating all over the internet.

The one I share with you today is one of my all-time favorite yummies ♥ 

Almond butter chocolate chip cookies

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