Duck meat offers you a wide variety of dishes. Many people love the taste of duck breast, while others are crazy for duck legs confit. The latter is one of the most delicious ways to get the best of duck meat. A properly cooked Duck confit dish is also a sight for sore eyes.

– Facts about duck legs

It is not difficult to prepare duck confit at home. As long as you are able to get the balance between crispy outside and well-done inside, you are good to go. You keep cooking the fatty legs till they melt in your mouth.

– Origins of the term

As the name suggest, the recipe originally comes from France. Confit de canard is the French name for duck confit.  The literal meaning of confit is preserve. In the world of culinary confit is a method of slow cooking. The success of any confit is associated with giving the dish its time till it is fully cooked. Confit needs grease and slow cooking.

The original recipe and cooking method can make you wait for more than 24 hours to indulge in the fatty meal. However, this is no longer the case. You can now prepare it and enjoy within a couple of hours. You can make the recipe at home from scratch or you can get re cooked items that will be fully cooked in no time.

– How to serve duck confit

When it comes to serving, duck confit give you various options. You can enjoy duck confit as a main course. If you want it to be the sole player, you can add some roasted veggies to complete the meal. Roasted potatoes go perfectly with confit. If you are want to have a very special meal, you should prepare some pasta. Fans of light meals can absolutely indulge with a bowl of fresh green salad.

You don’t have to worry about excess grease. You can use it in cooking other tasty dishes. For example, you can make delicious chicken pot pie or popcorn.You don’t have to add the entire amount off excess fat you can add a single spoon to enhance the taste and combine it with vegetable oil


You can make the most of duck confit dish during a family meal or a romantic one. You can even indulge yourself with fatty and tender meal. If you want to enjoy the dish without hassle, you can get packed products from a reputable provider. This can spare you time and effort. Also, the fat comes with the confit right at your doorstep.

Elsa Layne