The popularity of cannabis edibles has soared in the last few years. While dispensaries do have a wide range of products, many people still prefer to make and try new recipes at home. One of the simplest and best cannabis edibles are brownies. If you are wondering how to make weed brownies, we have an easy recipe that you can consider making this weekend!

Things needed

To make cannabis brownies, you need cannabutter, which can be purchased, or you can make easily at home. Along with that, you need a cake or brownie mix, which again can be bought from any local store, and eggs. Cannabis butter is super easy to make. Just cure your cannabis in the oven at 225 degrees for an hour. Add the cannabis (one ounce) to four cups of boiling water mixed with a pound of butter. Once the mixture is slow-cooked for about 90 minutes, strain it in a cheesecloth and keep it in the refrigerator for about half a day. The cannabutter will float on the top.

Making weed brownies

Mix the ingredients of your brownie mix, add the eggs, and instead of the regular cooking oil or butter, add your homemade cannabutter. The strength of your cannabis butter determines the strength of your brownies, so that’s something to take note of, and it make take a while to understand how much of butter you need. Cook the brownies like you would usually, and allow them to cool down for a bit, before you make bite-sized pieces.

Things to know

Remember that weed brownies are often have concentrated amount of THC, especially because cannabis butter is highly concentrated. To be honest, just one brownie is enough to knock someone off, especially someone new to edibles. Cannabis edibles take much longer to take effect, often as long as 90 minutes or so, and therefore, always choose to go slow with your dosage. Keep the measurements in mind or note it down somewhere, so that you can decide on the cannabutter addition for the next batch. Cannabis edibles made at home are worth keeping for days when you just want to relax, or prefer not to smoke.

Final word

Making weed brownies is as simple as it can get, and you can always experiment with other kinds of cake mixes. Check online for premade mixed and source your strain from a dispensary that you can rely on. There are many licensed dispensaries in Arizona.

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