There are number of beverages that you can take along with CBD tincture which can be very convenient way to consume CBDA tinctures by FluxxLab. Tinctures also can accelerate the onset as compared to any edible CBD.

You can take any of your following drinks/beverages along with CBD tincture and obtain the benefits of CBD. Make sure that you take right dose of CBD tincture while combining with these beverages.

  • Coffee

Coffee with cannabis is considered to be old companion as caffeine present in coffee will help in getting rid of drowsy effects that can be caused due to the presence of cannabis. Prefer to add little milk too.

  • Tea

Many people prefer to drink tea for various health benefits that this drink can offer and by adding little amount of CBD tincture, you can make your drink healthier. CBD tincture can easily get mixed with tea and you can really enjoy your drink.

  • Hot chocolate

Many of you may love to drink hot chocolate which also contains milk where cannabis can easily be infused and make your favorite drink much more delicious.

  • Smoothies

You can surely enjoy various health benefits of vegetables and fruits with smoothies without really eating them. you can also enjoy your smoothies by mixing few drops of CBD and enjoy it.

  • Mocktails

If you want to enjoy any fancy beverage by not adding any alcohol then mocktails are the best way. Also, if you add cannabis tincture along with it then it will go in you very smoothly.

  • Seasonal drinks

You can get different beverages as per the seasons and if you can add few drops of CBD tincture along with it then you can consume it with your seasonal drinks too.

  • Milkshakes

Milkshakes can be perfect treat if you also add few drops of CBD tincture along with it to make your drink likeable for those who may not like to take CBD tincture alone.

  • Soda water with juice

By adding few drops of CBD tincture with squeeze of lemon/lime can always add an enjoyable zing for any plain/flavored soda water.

  • Drinking water with vinegar

By adding vinegar in the fresh water, you can make it an excellent as well as refreshing substitute of your filtered water. You may also add CBD tincture and drink it.

  • Bubble tea

Usually, this comes in sealed form which can be punctured and you can add few drops of CBD tincture.

Elsa Layne