When planning a birthday celebration, you will want to ensure you get a spectacular birthday cake to mark the occasion. You can get fantastic looking birthday cakes throughout the country, but it is often best to look close to home, and this has various benefits. You will want to start your search early for someone that can make your cake for you, or you may be disappointed. Below are some tips to help you find a local cake maker than can create your dream cake for you and help you celebrate your occasion in style.

Consider The Type Of Cake Design You Want

Before you start searching for “birthday cakes near me” in Google, you will want to consider what design of cake you prefer. Cake designs have come on leaps and bounds in the last decade or so, and some of the cake designs are jaw-dropping. Have a couple of ideas of suitable designs in mind, and then you can start your search for a local specialist to make your ideal birthday cake.

Start Your Search Online

When you have an idea of the cake design you want, you can start searching for reputable cake makers close to home. When typing in google what you want, be sure to include your local area so that the cake makers in your local area appear and not ones from the other side of the country. Choosing a local supplier will mean less chance it will get damaged during transit and make delivery or collection much more straightforward. Make a list of potential companies, and then you will want to switch your search to social media.

Check Their Cakes Out On Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to see the previous work of cake designers and see what their customers have to say about their services. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and look at the designs they have done previously. By looking at their social media channels, you can help whittle down our list to a manageable number and then contact the companies.

Checking Their Availability

You will want to start with the company you prefer most and contact them to see if they have availability for when you need the cake. If they do not have a free slot, you can move on to the next company until you find an available one. Most companies will require you to pay a deposit to book the cake, and you will then need to decide the flavour of the cake and the filling you prefer. Once this has been confirmed, you need not do anything else until the cake is ready. You can then either collect the cake or have the company deliver it to you directly, which is a significant benefit of choosing a local company. Your cake will then be ready to take centre stage and be the focus of the celebration and may turn quite a few heads when all your guests see it.

Elsa Layne