Everyone experiences alcohol withdrawal differently, and it can continue from some days to a week. Even when the withdrawal has ended, the alcohol detox stage, during which your body is completely cleansing itself of alcohol, might linger for a few weeks. However, many of the painful consequences of alcohol withdrawal and detoxification can be minimized by eating a good, nutrient-rich diet.

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What are the foods that can help in alcohol detoxification?

Vitamin B-rich foods:

Regular alcohol use depletes your body’s supply of vitamin B; therefore, it is critical to restoring it. Salmon, dairy, poultry, leafy greens, lentils, whole grains, and beans are among the foods high in vitamin B.

Cayenne pepper:

Although it might not be enticing, putting cayenne pepper in your meal can lessen the desire for alcohol. In addition to promoting a healthy gut, cayenne pepper can help with symptoms of alcohol withdrawal such as nausea, headaches, and stomachache.

Whole grains:

Carbohydrates are essential for recuperation because they provide you energy and replenish the B vitamins you lose when you drink a lot. The high fiber content of whole grains including oats, brown rice, and whole-wheat toast is beneficial for the digestive system. The body’s most crucial detoxifying organs, the liver, and kidneys, can benefit from healthy gut bacteria.

Fruits and vegetables:

Owing to their high fiber content fruits and vegetables digest more slowly, assisting in the control of blood sugar and appetite. Further, it sometimes surprises people who look into at-home treatments for alcohol withdrawal that they can have a sweet tooth. Fruits contain glucose, which can satisfy a sweet tooth without putting too much strain on the stomach.

Medical detoxification may be required in instances where the symptoms of withdrawal are excessively painful or potentially harmful. Professional alcohol rehab clinics provide these programs, which make the withdrawal process safe and more bearable.

Elsa Layne