Are you are a pizza lover, but try to refrain yourself from eating too much due to it being a junk food? Well, the good news is that pizza can actually be healthy, provided you choose the right toppings or crust.

The Type of Ingredient Matters

Pizza can be of different types. Frozen pizzas contain preservatives and unhealthy fat. On the other hand, freshly made pizzas are made from scratch including the dough which can be healthy. The flour used to make the dough is low in fibre and does not make you feel bloated or full.

Ingredient plays a major role here. You can choose your own ingredients. Opt for a pizza that covers most of the nutrients. Pizzas with vegetables, cheese and meat is the complete package. Consuming pizza from thing crusts can help you cut down on the carb. If you want add ons, then avoid adding extra cheese or meat. Instead, opt for extra vegetables such as olives, mushrooms or tomatoes.

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Many restaurants and joints give you the option of customizing your pizza. You can ask them what options that have and choose from the same. You can even combine this with a light salad to make it more nutritious and healthy. You can check out the menus and even order online from your favourite restaurant.

How is Pizza a Healthy Food

We all have a misconception about pizza having too many calories. If you look at the positive side, pizza can:

  • It contains plenty of antioxidants such as lycopene found in tomatoes that can prevent a number of diseases
  • It helps to improve the dopamine levels in the body responsible for your moods
  • It lowers the chance of heart diseases
  • Cheese pizzas are rich in calcium that can strengthen your bones
  • It can help in proper blood circulation in your body
  • Pizza sauce is rich in Vitamin C that can help improve your immunity levels
  • Ingredients such as onions are rich in potassium and iron that can prevent high blood pressure


Indulge in some mouth-watering pizzas without any guilt. If you like cooking, you can even make your own pizza and satisfy your cravings.

Elsa Layne