A Swedish massage is a great treatment for first-time spa-goers and anyone who wants to experience a classic massage technique. It involves applying carrier oils to the body using long, even strokes ease away superficial muscle tension. A lot of people find this light massage style more soothing and relaxing than a deeper style of massage. They enjoy it at the nearest city spa.

A Swedish massage is perfect for those who never had a massage before. An aromatherapy massage includes the use of both essential oils and carrier oils for improved wellbeing. Sometimes, spas use blended combinations of essential oils in their massage oils. The therapist may ask the client to pick by smelling the aroma they want to be used in their massage.

What a Swedish Massage Includes

A typical Swedish massage often lasts between 40 minutes for a shorter back neck and shoulders massage and 90 minutes for the whole body including the legs, arms, and back. Different techniques are used by the therapist including rolling and kneading the skin with a subtle sweeping action that could make the client nod off on the massage couch. In a full-body Swedish massage, the therapist will massage the back and neck, then the legs, arms, and hands and the feet. Sometimes, this includes a relaxing head massage.

Does It Hurt?

A Swedish massage works more superficially which means it does not hurt as much as it would with a deep tissue massage that works deeper into deeper layers. Techniques used for deep tissue massage use a firmer pressure that leads to a robust experience that can be uncomfortable and leave you feeling a little tender. But, Swedish massage is gentler and you must feel good without any discomfort. Just communicate with your therapist to ensure the pressure is right for you. Also, inform the spa about any medical or physiological problems you may have.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage can have many therapeutic benefits that include reduced stress, improved detoxification, and improved blood flow. Also, this type of massage can help in increasing flexibility and speeding up recovery from muscle strain. If you are stressed, in need of relaxation, and want to ease your tension away, this massage is perfect for you.  A Swedish massage is ideal for light stress and tension relief. The application of carrier oils and aromatherapy oils can help in nourishing the skin. Also, this form of massage can improve circulation and muscle tone.

Elsa Layne